Street Sweeping


Ranebennur City is the first city of North Kanranatak situated on NH4  in Haveri district. City is geographically located 14o 35' North latitude and 75o 35' East Longitudes. The temperature ranging from 17.2oc to 42oc. It is famous cotton and groundnut trade zone for karnataka. The 70% of the perople of the city are agricultural farmers and 20% belongs to weavers and rest of the people belongs to business class. The Population of the city according to 2001 census is 89,618. The city has 31 wards with 16518 non slum households and 2810 slumhouseholds with 1700 commercial establishments and 2 vegetable markets and 3 non-veg markets. The city has a road length of 199 kms and drain length of 298 kms. 

Street Sweeping 

 According to Normative standards an estimation is prepared for Street Sweeping and collection, transportation of waste to landifll site. the city is divided into two packages and tender has been called for the same.


Primary Collection The primary collection of solid waste at door step has been covered to the entire city where the slum areas primary collection has been done by Municipal employees and non slum areas have been packaged and tendered. The primary Collectin staff carry out their work from morning 6 to 9 AM. Segregation of the waste at source is done in ward. By next 6 months segregation of waste at source will be covered in all the wards
Secondary Storage and Collection There are 82 secondary strorage containers and 2 dumperplacer vehicles taking care of collection and transportation of the waste to landfill site

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