Solid Waste Management

Brief description of SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT (SWM) activites performed in Ranebennur City.

         This city has stretched across 43.32sq.kms and has 31 wards and approximately 27000 house holds and a population count of about 1,06,365. Today the waste generated in the city is approximately  33 tonnes per day.

IEC activities held in Ranebennur:

         AS per the  SWM norms and activities, Ranebennur city Municipal Council has also conducted IEC activies in the city namely:

1. Door to Door campaign

2. Door to Door distribution of information Pamphlets regarding door to door 


3. Fixing of advertisment Boards and Banner across the city regarding SWM :

     "DO's and Dont's"

4. Regularly Conducting competition for school and college students on the     

     topic based on SWM and distributing the prizes for the winner.

SWM Equipment & Materials:

           City Municipal Council, Ranibennur has already purchased and has implemented the SWM materails & equipment as prescribed by the Directorate of Municipal Administration.

Following are the equipment & materials used for SWM Activities:

1. Tractor engine with Trailor           -     2 NOS

2. Jetting and Sucking Machine      -      1 No

3 Long Handle brooms, Gamela, spade, blade plates,

4. Hanging Bins

5. Litter Bins

6 Dumper Placer Vehicles               -      2 NOS

7 Dumper placer Container             -      80 NOS

8. Mini Tipper                                    -       1 NO

9. JCB Vehicle with Fron Dozzer & Back Hoe

10. Push Carts

11. auto Tippers

Day to day work done under SWM regarding waste collection

        Ranebennur city Municipality has it own staff consisting of officers and labours who are being assigned their own job responsibilities. It consists of specialised officers in the order:

1. Commissioner

2. AEE

3. Environmental Engineer

4. Health Inspectors

5. Sanitary Supervisors

6. Labours

          Apart from the goverment appointed  46 labours, this office has also appointed 100  labours  on contract basis.

          The Roads of the  City has been divided into various types like A-Type,    B-Type and C-Type.

A-type roads are swept  daily

B-type roads are swept  twice in a week

C-type roads are swept one in a week.

Markets are being cleaned and swept daily.




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